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No, no I'm not crazy enough to drive outside with 8+ inches of snow on the ground unless I'm in one of these.

[livejournal.com profile] tirani and I are being snowed in at my apartment and we just got back from taking a little walk to gaze at the snow and the trees (and to put on ice a bit of cabin fever). While we were out we ran across a couple trying to move their daughter's Toyota Corolla out of the middle of the road going about the complex parking lot. Apparently she was a nurse and was made to stay late at the hospital. How she got home I'm still not sure.

Anyhow we helped them muscle the car alongside the curb since there was no way the Corolla was going to make it very far in the snow covered parking lot to the nearest open spot (about 500 yards and 3 turns away). That probably took a good half hour during which [livejournal.com profile] tirani noted they really had no clue about how to maneuver said car snow.

We finished up our walk and as we were heading back to the warm and dry of my apartment we ran across the couple now trying to get their pickup truck unstuck from the middle of another part
of the complex parking lot. Apparently they wanted to drive back out to the main road and to their place about 5 minutes away.

I'm curious to see if their truck is still going to be stuck in the parking lot somewhere tomorrow. I hope that's the case because I can't imagine the main road is in much better shape and I can see them getting stuck or worse.



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